I had the amazing opportunity of doing a fresh 48 session with a set of surrogacy twins at CMC-Pineville.  The joy of bringing a precious new little bundle of joy in to this world is indescribable. Now, multiple that times two and add in surrogacy and you have the most magical outcome one little photographers heart could ever image!!!

charlotte twin surrogate birth photographer

Charlotte twin surrogate birth photographer


These gorgeous girls were born on DIFFERENT days!! How incredible! They are two of the prettiest little girls, surrounded in an abundance of love. A few weeks before the birth of the girls, Abby found out that she would have to deliver in the OR and she would only be able to have one person with her. Selfishly, I was so bummed I couldn’t be in there to catch every moment in the making. It all worked out for all four of them to be in the room and we came up with a plan b, a fresh 48 session.

A beautiful stranger was able to give two miracles to a lovely couple. Life is so amazing, the experience was absolutely extraordinary. Congrats guys!!

Contact me below to discuss how you would like to document the upcoming arrival of your precious new baby.


HELLO Carolinas! I have been dreaming of a doing a photo session in sunflower fields for YEARS! I have never lived close enough to an area where I could find these fields of gold… until now!

Let’s just forget the little minor part about me taking the wrong path and getting lost in fields of I don’t know what. I found them and I was in HEAAAAAVEN! The light was gorgeous! Beautiful rows of flowers had my creative mind flowing.

charlotte nc photographer monica ebert photography concord nc
sunflower pictures in charlotte nc monica ebert photographyrock-hill-sunflower-pictures-SC-photographer-monica-ebert-photographycharlotte-nc-sunflower-pictures-concord-nc-photographer-monica-ebert


I am loving every minute of our new home state and all of it’s natural beauty. I will without a doubt be offering mini and full signature sessions in the Carolina’s sunflower fields next year!


I’ve moved! A couple months ago my husband and I finally made the decision to plant our roots and give the active duty military life up. This is huge! Our children were born in military hospitals and have lived in more places in their short little lives then most adults will ever even visit! I am so so soon excited to have a town that they can call home! We are now located in Concord, North Carolina!! Let me tell you… it is BEAUTIFUL here! I can’t imagine a better place to raise our little family! We have been here a couple of months, had the chance to settle in and I’m ready to open the doors back up!

I now offer studio sessions and on location shoots in Charlotte and surrounding areas. That includes Lake NormanHuntersvilleDavidson, Kannapolis, and any other location within 30 miles of 28027. I do LOVE to travel so feel free to inquire! I still travel to Savannah once a month and will offer one session during my time there!

With being able to actually plant my roots and know I won’t be moving in 2-3 years I am now about to offer a grow with me plan for my clients! Oh my goodness I am so excited about this! Learn more about it HERE!

I’ve also added a new referral program for my clients! Super easy way to earn FREE prints! You can learn more about it HERE!

I am so incredibly excited about this new journey and I can’t wait to see what North Carolina has in store for me! So please spread the word and help Monica Ebert Photography be as successful in Concord as it was it Georgia!



Concord NC child photographer




Did you know that I am a proud member of the OpLove program? Why yes, yes I am! I offer 1-2 pre and/or post deployment sessions a month. During peak re-deployments I try and fit as many homecomings in as I can.  If you are in or around Fort Stewart or the Hinesville Georgia area please visit my website for more details.

Initially I didn’t do pre deployment shoots, only homecomings. The turning point of that was when one of my dear friends lost her husband in Afghanistan. The importance of having those family photos done before hand became very real to me. So for my very first OpLove pre-deployment shoot I had the honor of doing a family session for the McDonough’s before dad left for a 9 month deployment. When the family called about doing their session they requested to do the photos on Fort Stewart at the museum.  I love it when clients have a location in mind because then they can pre-coordinate their color palette for clothing with the location colors (I can also do this for you during our pre-session consultation!).

This family was such a joy to work with! Here is a sneak peak into their day…






Please remember what these military families give and sacrifice. Prayers for all and God Speed!

I have decided to post to my blog twice a week now in addition to whatever session I put on the blog. I will be doing Mix-it up monday and Feature Friday. Mix-it up monday will be just that every and anything I decide to post. If you have something you would like to see send it in to me at info@monicaephotography.com and I will put it on my list of things to do. With the feature Friday I would like to feature local business on the blog. If you have someone you would like to nominate please email their info at info@monicaephotography.com and I will get it in touch with them!

I have to admit that I am a pinterest ADDICT! I didn’t start using it until about a month ago but boy am I hooked. I like and re-pin everything from hair to food with food being my number one pick haha! Now for this mix-it up Monday I am posting something I tried off of pinterest for the super bowl. A good friend of mine and awesome photographer Brooke Moxley had the great idea of actually creating what we are re-pining. I went with chocolate covered strawberries that look like little footballs. I absolutely LOVE to bake and it was so much fun but boy some things should be left to the professionals (or in my kitchen where no one can see it) lol. I had created this showcase of football chocolate covered strawberries and was trying to move them into the perfect light for photos and I dropped them. So I only ended up with 3 strawberries that were even close to photo worthy. Other than that I only ran into a few issues…
-number one being finding fresh strawberries
-number two being having a steady hand to create the stripes
-number three not having the will power to eat all the chocolate before I covered the strawberries 😉

Here are my little beauties…


I hope everyone has a wonderful week and if you have any requests for next weeks Mix-it up monday or Feature Friday please email me at monicaephotography@gmail.com!